Color & Texturizing

Hair color is an art form all its own. Sometimes, the careful placement of accent highlights can impact your overall hairstyle as much as a full head of color can! It depends on the season, your haircut, your wishes! We provide each client with a personalized hair color experience and through the consultation the exact color and technique will be discussed. A glaze alone or in addition to highlights or color adds tone, shine and depth to your hair color!

We use the top-rated color line available in permanent, semi-permanent and demi-permanent categories. This diverse color palette combined with the skill of our specialists provides each client with endless possibilities in hair color!

Each hair color service includes a consultation, hair color, and complimentary makeup moment or skincare analysis-if desired.

Please note: Your color will be finished with a blow dry bar service of your choice and will be assessed a discounted blow dry bar charge of $20.

Glaze $60 and up

A glaze is used to add depth to your hair - enrich your color, it can also blend greys - if you only have a few grey this is a perfect service to blend them away. Add some red, gold, chocolate, beige - the possibilities are limitless and it adds shine.

Single Process Color $70 and up

A single process is most often used to conceal grey hair permanently so it is no longer visible. It is also used in cases when a complete color change is created.

Accent Highlights/Balayage $110 and up

A few highlights to subtly enhance your color and a glaze to add tone and shine.

Partial Head Highlights/Balayage $130 and up

The most common amount of highlights which have several different pattern placements to enhance and brighten your hair and a glaze to add tone and shine.

Full Head Highlights/Balayage $150 and up

Placement here will address all of your hair to create lightness and brightness from the nape of the neck to the top of your head using several different application methods and a glaze to add tone and shine.

Single Process Addition $40 and up

Add a single process color to any of our highlight packages.