Your Beauty Is Uniquely Your Own.

Interesting fact about yourself?

I am right handed but I do almost everything with my left hand. I also speak Spanish.

If you could do anyone in the worlds hair/makeup, who would it be and why?

I would love to work with Sofia Vergara and Jennifer Lopez. Their hair and skin always look perfect. The also are always changing their look to have a new color or style and they seem like they would be fun to work with.

What’s your best training experience?

Cutting classes with Ira Pope Sage. Makeup classes and certification with Debra Dietrich. Also, all of the salon classes I have been provided with. The one on one education I get from my co-workers has really helped me grow.

Who are your style icons?

Jennifer Lopez, Shakira, Jennifer Aniston and Sofia Vergara.

What’s your best beauty advice?

Less is more. Make it a daily ritual to take care of your skin and hair with professional products, moisture treatments and of course maintenance haircuts!

What inspires you?

Pretty much anything from different cultures to colors and even architecture. Everything and anything can inspire you to achieve a new style or look. My mom. Making others feel good about themselves. Bringing out their natural beauty.

Prized Possession?

My happiness and everything I have learned.