Hair Design

Our team of hair stylists have unparalleled experience and training from the finest institutions and product companies in the industry. They have a passion for beauty and each is a specialist in hair design. Our hair products are rated amongst the best the industry has to offer. We have created these services to give each client a unique hair care experience.

Continuing education and growth are important core values of Bella Luci Salon. We train at least once a month in house or attend education programs at the most reputable schools, studios and seminars available in our industry. We have levels of Team Members to serve all of your needs. Our team levels and pricing are based on years of experience, education received, fashion show work, editorial work, reaching salon goals and benchmarks to name a few. We value team work and our mission is to provide you with a raving fan experience at every level. We encourage you to visit with all of our team members as they are all talented and here to serve you. Our goal is to provide you with a beauty experience at every level.

Each hair service begins with a consultation followed by a scalp treatment, customized shampoo, haircut, styling session and per your request finishes with a makeup moment.

Haircuts $ varies

Haircuts are personalized for your hair type, texture, lifestyle, and face shape. Whether you like it short or long, we will create a shape that enhances you. We use a combination of tools, products, and skills to reach your goals. Pricing is associated with these metrics. We always invite you to a complimentary consultation to discuss your hair.

Upwork & Styling $90 and up

Whether you’re preparing for a wedding, benefit, night out, or an important meeting, our stylists will give you the right look to compliment your special occasion.

Conditioning Treatments $25 and up

Keeping your hair healthy is the root to keeping it beautiful. A conditioning treatment will improve your hair by infusing moisture into each individual strand. Our customized conditioning treatments increase your hair's manageability and shine.