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Full Balayage Highlights

A generous amount of highlights that provides a fresh new look. (includes glaze) More

Partial Balayage Highlights

The perfect amount of highlights to subtly transform your look while staying true to your dominant color. (includes glaze) More

Accent Balayage Highlights

Balayage is a sweeping motion, hand-painted highlighting technique that adds soft transitional color placement unique to each client. We use enzyme plant protein developers from sea kelp which keeps hair healthy while gently lightening with our balayage specific lightener that is fortified with Vitamin-E and seaweed among other ... More

Single Process Addition

Add a single process color to any of our highlight packages. More

Full Head Foil Highlights

Placement here will address all of your hair to create lightness and brightness from the nape of the neck to the top of your head using several different application methods and a glaze to add tone and shine. (includes glaze) More

Partial Head Foil Highlights

The most common amount of highlights which have several different pattern placements to enhance and brighten your hair and a glaze to add tone and shine. (includes glaze) More

Accent Foil Highlights

A few highlights to subtly enhance your color and a glaze to add tone and shine. We use developers that are paraben and preservative free and fortified with vitamins and conditioning agents to protect and nourish hair as it lifts. Our lightener is specifically designed with gentle agents to provide even subtle lift. (includes ... More

Single Process Color

A single process is most often used to conceal grey hair permanently so it is no longer visible. It is also used in cases when a complete color change is created. More


A glaze is used to add depth to your hair - enrich your color, it can also blend greys - if you only have a few grey this is a perfect service to blend them away. Add some red, gold, chocolate, beige - the possibilities are limitless and it adds shine. More