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lash extension imageWe have partnered with Lavish Lash to bring you the safest individual lash extensions on the market with a lash adhesive that is so gentle and is considered to be one of the top formaldehyde-free adhesives on the market.  The company manufactures their adhesive in a private facility for quality control and proprietary formulations to maintain the highest in safety standards. Our lash extensions are provided by a Licensed Esthetician. The lashes are absolutely beautiful and natural in appearance due to our unique application process learned through extensive training.

Initial Application- $175

Maintenance visits average 2 weeks. Pricing ranges based on the maintenance schedule, time, application and replacements needed.

  • 2 week from $50
  • 3 weeks from $75
  • 4 weeks from $100

Answers to Top Questions

  1. The first visit takes approximately 2 hours.
  2. Lash extensions last as long as your natural lash cycle which on average is every 45-60 days.
  3. You may lose an average of 5-10 per week depending upon when your lash cycle falls.
  4. Maintenance visits take about 30-45 minutes and are needed on average every 2 weeks to refill those lashes that cycled out.
  5. If you sleep on your side you may see more lashes release from that side.
  6. You can wear water-based mascara.
  7. AVOID USING OIL-BASED PRODUCTS, such as Vaseline, oil-based eye creams, eye serums, and cleansers.
  8. WAIT AT LEAST 24 HOURS before getting your lashes wet.

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