Your Beauty Is Uniquely Your Own.

Interesting fact about yourself?

I love sports and playing softball and volleyball. Very into fitness and a healthy lifestyle. I also love DIY crafts.

If you could cut anyone’s hair in the world who would it be and why?

I would love to do a supermodel’s hair and makeup because it gives you a lot of room to be creative with different looks.

What’s your best training experience?

Bumble and bumble straight razor cutting class, Mastering Balayage with Jennifer McDougall

Who are your style icons?

Jennifer Lopez’s short hair and all around is always amazing. Makeup – Lauren Conrad’s style is very casual but with an edge.

What’s your best hair advice?

Don’t wash your hair everyday – if you need to wet it just use conditioner –  and for best color and style results use salon hair care products!

What inspires you?

Pinterest is my new addiction of inspiration from color, styles, décor, fashion and DIY!

Prized Possession?

My family and my ability to be confident and believe in myself.